16 of 2016

At the end of every December I do a lil reflection on what's happened in the past year. Kind of corny but I like to do # facts of 20##. I've been doing these type of posts for about 3 or 4 years now and my old posts can be found on my old tumblr but this will be the first of many here! So here it goes:

  1. I am now one semester from graduating - I know this is a fact of this year (lol) but in 2016 I felt like I really built myself back up to this point. I did well in my extra-curricular activities with my Pilipino club, started working retail again, and was still able to do well in school. 
  2. I kept up with my New Years Resolution - Sort of. My new years resolution last year was to lose weight with a big goal of mine to become a runner. Although I wasn't really able to reach a goal weight or run a half marathon like I said I would, I still made progress. I definitely had a lot on my plate this last year, and though no excuse is a good excuse that's mine. I still look to improve, especially with graduation coming around the corner. 
  3. I feared my birthday - But I was not let down with great friends like mine. Although I feared the day to come, and despite the fact that I'm at an age where I hate to mention it my friends really made my day/s. There's really nothing like a birthday to make you feel purpose and meaning. 
  4.  I was able to go to Disneyland twice - Yeah iano it's just really rare that I go that often.
  5. I witnessed a legendary year in music - with Solange's a Seat at the Table being my ultimate favorite of the year. Though the artists that stick out to me of this year are: Childish Gambino, Chance the Rapper, Kanye West, Travis Scott, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, NoName, Anderson Paak, and so many more. 
  6. I went through a really difficult time with my family - although I won't ever really reveal what happened to me through a platform such as this, that experience is something I'll never forget. It really tested me in ways I never thought to be, it brought me closer to some friends, and tested my moral beliefs. I can't say I'm fully healed from this experience, but things have definitely progressed since it happened. Time really heals all. 
  7. I decided to give a past experience a second chance -
  8. I took a 24 hour day trip to LA with one of my best friends - and I forgot a change of clothes at his house. So I bought all new clothes and make up. I'm the worst.
  9. I saw Kanye West's Saint Pablo Tour - and many other ones. I just had to say this one because idk, that tour was legendary for negative connotations lol. I started off the year with Pharrell Williams and ended the year with Camp Flog Gnaw and it was great. I'm happy because I feel that this year I had a really good balance of fun, academics, and family.
  10. I used to fear that my friends at home would outgrow me and now I don't - not because we all aren't cool anymore, but because life happens sometimes you tend to learn to live without some people and that is okay. It was never about which set of my friends were better but what I was dealing with at the moment. I wouldn't say we outgrew one another, I would probably phrase it as we grew apart. And again, nothing wrong with that. 
  11. The farthest run I've ever had was 6 miles - which I hope to change in 2017.
  12. I had a summer video series - it was a fun lil project I hope to make better.
  13. I attended the first ever Complex Con - an event that allowed me the opportunity to meet people like SoSuperSam and Rachel Muscat. This event is something I look forward to going to every year because it allowed for those attending to meet people who work at the brands we love. My friends and I were able to meet CEOs, project managers, and in short people who simply inspire us to work hard in order to work right next to them. 
  14. I realized my favorite type of food is Asian food - Idk why that's so significant but I guess I just learned to know myself better
  15. I lived my one and only full year in Apartment 28 - and I'm going to miss it so much. Living in this apartment in San Jose has been such a time of my college life. This place is such a haven for my friends and I to just hang out and laugh a dumb things. We can go from watching double dutch, to Moonrise Kingdom, to videos of bath bombs and we'll all be so intrigued. 
  16. I ended up getting a DSLR for Xmas - and I look forward to providing more new content for my YouTube and for this blog. 

Overall I would say I really enjoyed 2016, I felt I got to know myself so much more. I look forward to what 2017 is going to bring, what can I say I always liked the number 7. Yeehee! Graduation!