W'sup friends! First things first if you don’t know me already my name is Necole Layla Cayanan. I’m a 24 year old Business Marketing student. Welcome to diulFluid.

I know what you’re thinking, “What the heck is diulFluid? What does that even mean?” Well let me break this down for you: At the age of 12 I began taking karate lessons. (do it under love) diul. Sometimes in karate I’d grow so frustrated with failing to master a technique quickly or being unable to defeat my opponents during fights. Rather than excelling in my craft, my negative energy with wanting to be so good at something I really loved to do would only feed me the idea to quit. When you’re fueled by emotion, the love you have for your craft can easily be thrown out of the window. Be patient, because love is patient. Fluid. Throughout my martial arts career a significant concept has played as a recurring theme to my life: Mushin - no mind, mind like water. Act without any inhibitions. Let you, be you. The ability to silence all fears and hesitations and to simply do. diulFluid (de-yul-Flu-ed) is my place to inspire YOU as well as myself to simply Be and more importantly to DO the things I love. To progress and to persevere. To let my mistakes become my greatest teachers. 

Throughout this blog you can find my current music selections, the clothes I adore, the concerts I attend, the people I love, my outfits, my projects, etc. More than anything this is me living fluidly. I currently reek of postivity and motivation to start this thing so with that said: LEZZGITIT.